On MLK Day 2020

What I want you, as someone posessing a quantum of privilege in this hellscape we live in now, to remember on MLK Day 2020:

Many of the people who have solutions for the grave problems we face are people we, in the majority, have disposessed.

Mikki Kendall and Sydette Harry called out the problems with bots and impersonation in social media long before we were talking about Russian election interference in 2016.

Our industry ignored them.

MLK was talking about the need to rethink our obligations to one another up to the day he was murdered, long before M4A and UBI became buzzwords on the Left.

There are Black, queer, trans, brown, and Indigenous people who want to help, it’s time to listen and let go of our power and privilege. We aren’t the smartest people in the room. We were never the smartest people in the room. That’s not a knock on us. It should be a relief.

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